What we’ve been waiting for, for a long time, finally came in. Our first bid. Based on real, detailed construction drawings.<br />n<br />nThe deep down fear has been this: All these changes will push the cost through the roof! But what this first bid came it at was pretty much what we’ve been thinking all along. What a relief.<br />n<br />nNow, as we wait for the other contractors to come back with their bids, and as we’re relatively sure we’re not going to break the bank too much, the next step should be to get back to the architect and have him ready up a few sets of plans for submittal to the Building Department. The permit process is rumored to take up to eight weeks.<br />n<br />nOr, we can wait for one more bid…! The next bid is scheduled for this Saturday.<br />n<br />nInteresting how contractors want to come over and walk you through the bid, rather than just giving a figure over the phone, or mailing you something. That’s for the best, really, and what I would have expected anyway.