Ok, so a week ago Friday, I was rear ended in front of Home Depot…. I waited a week to get my head around all the inconvenience that comes with getting my car repaired. I ask Rob, “Where should I go to get an estimate”. He says, “how about Shiro’s, they did a great job on my bug.” Ok so the next day, I drop RGJ off at P-School and head over to Shiro’s Auto Body.<br />n<br />nI get there and an older fellow greets me. He’s Shiro. I get to meet ‘The Man’ He’s very nice, walks me back over to my car and starts writing notes.<br />n<br />nAfter we are seated in his office, someone comes in and closes the door to the main garage. (they are going to paint a car). The door to the street is still cracked open. <br />n<br />nWe over hear a conversation outside the door about this guy we’ll call Hat Head.. he had his colon cleansed. He went on and on about it, how he’s a new man, red meat will kill you, only eat organic food. He went on and on and on. He was gonna make sure everyone in earshot could her about his Colon Cleansing (CC).<br />n<br />nSo, Shiro has to say, “he just had his colon cleansed and he’s a new man, and his daughter is not vaccinated”.. the next 20 minutes was me just sitting there hearing all about the benefits of having your colon cleansed and the bad vaccinations we are putting in our children and how we are killing ourselves. Blah Blah Blah… he goes on to say “Cancer does not really exist and it’s the lies that Doctors are telling us to keep us sick so they can just keep getting rich.” Oh.. and he never goes to the doctor. He goes on to tell me in passing that he’s had his colon cleaned 4 times. Ok..so if he doesn’t go to the doctor. WHO IS CLEANING HIS COLON!!!<br />n<br />n He can’t type and talk at the same time so he’s holding my estimate hostage while I sit there helpless. I don’t dare ask any questions or inject an opinion for fear of having this last longer. After I chewed my leg off to get out of there, I realize rob gets a 10 minute stay of execution because I forgot my cell phone at home.<br />n<br />nHat Heads daughter is only 18 months old and has never been sick.. Ha! Just wait until she starts preschool. We have only been healthy 5 days in 2007.<br />n<br />nThe irony in all his rantings is; he owns a auto body shop.. if he’s so worried about what is going into his body.. How can he breath in all those fumes and particulate matter, let alone what he’s sending out into the atmosphere.<br />n<br />nOnce I get a hold of Rob, he laughs uncontrollably then later says… “I may remember something about him being a health nut” argh#$%^&*(<br />