Yesterday, the second “general” came over to walk us through his thinking of what it would take, resources wise (read: cost), to complete this project. We have to give him lots of credit for completeness. The only things he left out of the bid were those things that we specifically talked about doing ourselves, such as interior painting. Everything else, sans appliances (which is typically to be left out), was in there.<br />n<br />nI asked him, What’s your confidence level that this is what the project will cost? I mean, I was hoping to have a ten to twenty percent contingency. He said, that’s a realistic figure. He’s been in this business, in this area, for longer than most, and he knows what it would take to do the job.<br />n<br />nWhat we had in our hands was, for the first time, was a real figure.<br />n<br />nAnd it was time to lose a bit of sleep.<br />n<br />nBut not too much. This was a <strong>complete</strong> cost estimate, based on real, detailed construction plans. Though it wasn’t through the roof, thankfully, it was what we were expecting, in the backs of our minds, to see. Kudos to this guy for his thoroughness.<br />n<br />nTwo of the main three contenders have weighed in. We wait for the last, my favorite, but Rita’s second. He will most likely come in somewhere in the middle.<br />n<br />nThis week, we shall see.