The official <a href=”” title=”Bike to Work Day”>Bike To Work Day</a> is still another 3 or 4 weeks away, on 17 May. But today I decided to take the initiative and do it today.<br />n<br />nEver since they’ve closed down the trail that runs right next to Guadalupe Parkway, just south of 280, I’ve been hesitant to ride to work. That portion of trail, despite being really bad, with all the diesel exhaust filling your lungs, the trash and broken glass, and the hairy scary interchange at Curtner, was a key part of my route.<br />n<br />nWhat I did earlier in the month when I rode, for the first time in about a year and a half, was to wind my way through Willow Glen. that’s what I did again today. It’s a great way to refamiliarize myself with some of these neighborhoods of San Jose, and see some of the really nice, older, beautifully restored homes in the area. The time and distance is still essentially the same, at about 35-40 minutes of riding time, and just over 8 miles each way.<br />n<br />nToday’s scariest part was crossing Meridian at Foxworthy. Lots of soccer moms and construction types, all in their big american trucks, chatting happily and absentmindedly away on their mobile phone.<br />n<br />nGetting commuter wheels and tires, or at a minimum, just tires, for my bike is still on my radar. Gotta keep slogging through <a href=”” title=”craigslist”>craigslist</a>, getting familiar with the types of tires and wheels that are out there.