Events again today provided an opportunity to leave the car at home and hop on the Rob-powered two wheel machine to work. Amazing how good you feel after the body produces some physical work.<br />n<br />nFollowing a really nice bike lane all the way down Willow Street eventually leads to Leigh Avenue. Now this stretch of Leigh from the Los Gatos Creek Trail up to Curtner used to be considered a bit scary. But indeed, it’s not too bad, all things considered. The long stretch of Leigh between Hamilton and Dry Creek Road is nice and wide with a bike lane. I may have found a new route.<br />n<br />nHeading from downtown SJ, take the Guadalupe Creek Trail south through the Discovery Meadow, under 280, and then through the neighborhood up to Willow. Right on Willow and you’re in a bike lane. All the way to where Willow dead ends at the elementary school. A quick 30 seconds on the LGC Trail puts you on Leigh, the straight shot from there.<br />n<br />nNice this about this route is that my odometer says it knocks over a half mile off the trip, each way. Depending on lights, especially at Willow and Meridian, and Willow and Lincoln, that means time knocked off the trip too.<br />n<br />nGot home in 31 minutes today. Cool! Only about 5-10 minutes longer than driving. Not including suiting up.