This past Friday was yet another BTW day. That makes 3 this week. I can’t recall now if I had ever done it three times in one week. I must say, though, that the more you do it, the easier it becomes. All the preparations that are required become rote and less thinking is required. You just do it and go.<br />n<br />nTwo things of note on Friday. In the morning, I was passing by Blackford Elementary School, right when all the cell-phone-glued parents are dropping off their offspring. On the other side of the school (the Willow Street side), I saw a motocycle CHP cop sitting in the parking lot, watching traffic enter the grounds. Since the Trail feeder had a Stop Sign at the end as it touches the end of Willow, right next to the cop, I looked over at him and said he should be over on the Leigh Avenue side of the school. He says, Why? Lots of speeders? I says, All kinds of things, speeders, people making crazy U-Turns, etc. He says, Where? I pointed and says, right there on Leigh. He says, Just go through the parking lot? I said, Yep. Thanks, says he, as he starts his engine and begins negotiating his way through the throngs of cars packed with youngsters.<br />n<br />nIt was obvious he didn’t know his way around. There is occasionally a decent presence of San Jose PD on Leigh, at that same location, but for some reason, I guess the State of California decided it was their jurisdiction on this day.<br />n<br />nThe second thing was that it was a Friday. Warm one, too, I noticed as I left my work building for the first time all day. As I rode home, I decided to take a detour, just to see how it would go. After taking my normal, new route up to the same school, I stayed on the LGC Trail rather than picking up Leigh for the straight shot home. I stayed on the the Trail all the way through Campbell, to the LGC County Park, over the pedestrian overcrossing of highway 17, then wound my way home through the neighborhoods. This last part is also where I normally run.<br />n<br />nAfter that ride, the trip odo came in at 10.01 miles. That’s about 2.7 more than my regular, new route. Took 45 minutes. It was a warm day, bordering hot for the season, and I was exhausted, but felt great.<br />n<br />nIf I decide to indeed begin training for a triathlon, this may be a route I’ll take just to get the saddle time in.