It took a bit longer than I would have liked. Seems everything that’s related to construction projects is like that.<br />n<br />nThe day after we gave a big thumbs up to our contractor of choice, the call was made to the architect with instructions to assemble the package of plans, reports, calculations, etc, needed to begin the permit process with the county. That was a Thursday.<br />n<br />nIt should have moved rather quickly since the engineer had already provided a couple copies of the plans with his stamp and signature, so no need to go back to him. Friday went by. So did Monday and most of Tuesday, at which point a call had to be made.<br />n<br />nTurns out, the package was all ready, no doubt leaning up against some file cabinet in the little architects shop. I wondered to myself, When was I going to get that call with the come-get-em notice? Good thing the call was made.<br />n<br />nArrangements were made to pick up the package the next morning. Now, it’s in-hand, but due to schedule issues, an opportunity to submit them to the building department won’t be upon us til Monday.<br />n<br />nThat will be fun, so please be sure to check back for that tale of governmental bureaucratic intrigue!