Going through the mail today, back from a weeklong, out of town vacation, I came across the letter from the Planning Dept.<br />n<br />nSeems that four of the six departments had issues, but most were routine stuff.<br />n<br />nThe Planning Office wanted the dimensions or scale double checked on the site plan. Designer may have goofed when they re-did the plans. The designer will take care of this one for us.<br />n<br />nThe Roads and Airports department wanted a site visit to check the approach to the driveway, but then it also said that it passed, so it appears we don’t need to worry about it.<br />n<br />nThe Environmental Health department wanted us to get a project clearance from the West Valley Sanitation district for the sewer. A call to the District found that it’s routine; every major remodel gets that one, and they just want to check to make sure of two things, that you have a cleanout near the front of your property, and that the lowest drain point in the house isn’t lower than the street (I didn’t 100% understand this one, but it should be ok). Inspector will check it out tomorrow and we should know the results later this week.<br />n<br />nFinally, the Fire Marshal wants us to get the water company to attest that they can deliver a steady 200 gpm at 20 psi for 2 hours. If not, then we get to buy a fire sprinkler system for the entire house. Since my sister works at the water company, and is very familiar with this request, she’s taking care of it for us. And she assured us that we’re ok on this one.<br />n<br />nAll in all, it looks like we’re still good for an early August start date!