Update about the plan check progress.<br />n<br />nThe Planning Dept has received the needed document from the Water Company, we believe that Roads and Airports is happy, and the Planning Office was about to receive the updated plans from our architect, though they didn’t let us submit them.<br />n<br />nThe reason they wouldn’t take the new plans is because the Building Department, which looks after the structural aspects and is different than the Planning Department, hasn’t looked at our plans yet. We hadn’t realized that they still hadn’t gotten around to things just yet, so a phone call is planned for later today to prod them into action.<br />n<br />nNow, the more interesting happenings have been due to the requirements of the Environmental Health Department. If you recall, they said we needed project clearance from the West Valley Sanitation District. We contacted the District and they said they need to check our sewage pipes from the cleanout, near the street, to the main. They want to stick a camera down the pipe and look around. For the privilege of a virtual colonoscopy, we get to pay over five hundred bucks for a permit. But the permit is all we need to keep things moving with the building permit process.<br />n<br />nThis was quite the unexpected expense. Our neighbors, many of whom have gone through a major remodel process within the last few years, didn’t have this specific requirement placed on them, though there were lots of other stories of bureaucratic obstacles that got in the way, causing additional, unplanned effort and expense.<br />n<br />nWe’re still on track for an August First start date, and we’re keeping things moving on the home front, preparing for the move-out, and the move into the trailer.