As previously reported, we’ve secured clearances from all the different offices, from Roads and Airports, to Environmental Health. The only one that’s still outstanding is from the Building Department, specifically, the guy that needs to read through the structural stuff.<br />n<br />nHis name is Jim and he works down at the County office. I have his direct phone number and I’ve been calling it for days now, leaving just one concise, polite message per day, with a request for a call back with status. So far, I haven’t heard back from him.<br />n<br />nConstruction is set to begin next week, as in Monday, 30 July. And we still don’t have permits in hand.<br />n<br />nContractor man says that it <em>should</em> be ok if we start without, since the plans are pretty straightforward and the county inspector doesn’t get involved or make a site visit until concrete foundations are being poured. It would be low risk to begin without permits are secured. Since we want to start as early as possible, with the thinking that we’d finish as early as possible, consideration is being seriously given to this tactic.<br />n<br />n<em>Daily calls to County Man Jim will continue…</em>