Argh. Just got a summons from the county court to play juror. That’s right, jury duty. September 4 through 7. But note that the week in question is the same week as Labor Day. That means 20% fewer days I need to call in!<br />n<br />nI don’t think we have anything going on that week (other than work), so it looks like I’ll have to be calling in that week, keeping my fingers crossed.<br />n<br />nLast time I was summoned, my number never came up. The time before that, in 2000, I was selected to sit on a jury, and sat through almost an entire trial. Odd kinda case. It involved the State of California suing a convited SVP (sexually violent predator) so that he would have to remain in the state mental hospital in Atascadero. Apparently, there’s a state law that allows the state to sue to keep people convicted of sexual crimes confined in state hospitals, after they’re released from prison. The inmate gets a chance to be released every two years, so the state has to keep suing.<br />n<br />nSounds to me like a sustainable business plan for prosecutors.