Former co-worker and buddy <a href=”” title=””>Tim Berry</a> got me tickets once again for the Rush concert at Shoreline.<br />n<br />nLast time was in 2004, the seats were great, only 15 rows in, along with one seat in the second row that we shared. This time, we were in the second section back, row R. Not as good as last time, but it wasn’t the lawn.<br />n<br />nLast night’s show was to promote their new album Snakes and Arrows. They performed a lot of the new stuff, with an occasional hit from their previous albums. Seemed to me that this time, the band wanted to play more of their newer stuff rather than the tunes they’ve been playing for years. But it all sounded good, and these guys are masters at their craft.<br />n<br />nNot sure if the show was sold out, but the seating sections looked pretty darn full. Good turnout on the lawn up top, too. Interesting was people watching before the show. They get a bit of everything, from teenagers in all their teenageria, to parents coming with their teen and tween kids, to old dead heads, bikers, rockers, surfers, and even the preppy types. Security at the gate was pretty lax, which was a relief from other shows I’ve gone to where it seems the TSA is running security.<br />n<br />nAwesomely killer night, too, with the temps quite mild, just enough breeze to help scatter the near perpetual burning herb scent all around, and Jupiter looking down, watching the show too. Getty’s shirt had an image of what looked like a dirt bike jumping over the words, “Don’t Ever Stop Doing Wheelies”. The oddity on the stage this time was the Henhouse, three side-by-side whole-bird chicken roasters full of what appeared to be chicken cooking; chef even came out to check on them at one point. Last time’s oddity were the washer and dryer.<br />n<br />nLaser lights, light structures that lowered and twisted to resemble the Close Encounters space ships, and groovy videos all contributed to a typically great Rush concert.<br />n<br />nLooking forward to the next time, when we’ll see them again.