Just gotta love it when you go out for a run and everything is just right.<br />n<br />nToday, I took a break from work, went downstairs to the gym, changed into my running gear, and decided that it was a pretty good weather day to go outside, instead of using the dreaded trail-that-goes-nowhere (aka, the treadmill). Temps were mild, sunny, and the smoke from the recent Lick and Moonlight fires had abated.<br />n<br />nI took off down the Guadalupe River Park trail toward the airport, and everything was just feeling <em>fine</em>. All systems were better than GO, I was going at a faster clip, and the breathing was keeping up without much effort. I got to the other side of highway 880, up the little hill, the first real view of the airport, and my watch said it was less than 20 minutes. Usually that takes about 22 minutes. Nice!<br />n<br />nOn the way back, things were just as good. I was thinking to myself these are the days that one lives for, when, despite age or circumstances or present happenings, things are working like they’re supposed to. You really have to recognize, embrace and celebrate them when they happen. Today was one of those days.<br />n<br />nI also have a theory of why it was so good. In my experience, rest has proven itself to be an important factor. This past Saturday, I ran a full 10K distance while pushing a jog stroller with my 4 year old in it. She was bored, of course, but it was a good workout. The next day, I was feeling it a bit. Didn’t go out on Sunday or Monday, the rest days, then went out today. That two day rest is what did it.<br />n<br />nLooking to sleep good tonight!