We were up at Tahoe last weekend, there was a conference I was attending near Tahoe City. We scooted up there a couple days early since we love the area.<br />n<br />nThis past Saturday morning, I realized I had brought my running gear with me, so decided to go for a run. There’s a trail that runs right by the cabin we were staying at. Leads to a regional park with lots of off road trails. Now Tahoe is at about 6200 feet or so, enough of an elevation to make it harder to run. This is one of the main reasons I tend not to run up there, get too far out of breath too soon.<br />n<br />nBut this day was so beautiful that I couldn’t pass it up. Decided to see how it would go. Turns out that I ran for a good 40 minutes, on the paved trail as well as some off road, with decent up- (and down-) hill stretches. It was another one of those days where it was just <em>a great run</em>.