Well, It appears that my sweet child is saying what people are thinking. Ugh.<br />n<br />nJuly 2007- During our trip to Seattle we went to breakfast at iHOP. Apparently there is a large community of “Little People” living there. Well, on our way to the restroom, Penny comes eye to eye with a 40 year old “Little Person”.. she nearly breaks her neck staring at her as we walk by. Then really loud she says ” mama, who’s that little grandma”.. OMG<br />n<br />nSeptember 2007- This was a busy weekend for Penny . We joined Rob on a Business Trip to Lake Tahoe. He had a seminar at Granlibakken Resort. Well. The second day we were there we walked through the registration area and Penny wanted a name badge like everyone else. So we stopped at the counter and ask for one. The person that helped us was a “Little Person” I immediately new what was going to happen, so.. I braced myself. Then like clockwork Penny says “are you little?” The woman said “why, yes I am” the Rebecca goes on to say.. ‘Hey mama, she’s little!”, “I see her little arms.” The woman was very nice about it. I had to have another chat with her about how people are different.<br />n<br />nLater that same weekend Penny and I went to breakfast. We purposely went to the dining room later so all the people would be gone. Ya know how some women look more masculine than others?.. well there was a woman that had a very manly appearance about her. So, what does my kid do? She points and says “mama, look.. is that a lady or a man? Mama, look at her, Mama Look at her” still pointing and trying to turn my head with her other hand.<br />n<br />nIsn’t she cute<br />nRBJ<br />