I’m really happy that we decided not to take a stupid chance and <em>not</em> prepare for possible wet weather that the forecasts had been warning about for the last couple of days.<br />n<br />nThe General and his crew showed up with some really big blue tarps and draped them over the old bedrooms part of the house. We also threw some tarps over stuff that’s sitting in the middle of the back yard, and secured them with bungee cords.<br />n<br />nLast night, around midnight, I was awakened by the sound of drops on the tarps. They kept going for about thirty minutes, then settled down, only to restart again, heavier this time, within another ten minutes.<br />n<br />nI was finally able to get to bed after about a ninety minute break from sleep, and in the morning, it was still raining. Let’s see, what <em>hadn’t</em> we covered? My air compressor, the rototiller, my and Rita’s MTBs, and my killer work bench, to name a few.<br />n<br />nWell, they got wet. Soaked. But they’ll dry. And I <em>still</em> am not expecting much more rain til about January. Those are still my famous last words, and I’m sticking to them.