Well today was a very busy day… Being Halloween and all. I think this Holiday is bigger than Christmas for RGJ.<br />n<br />nWe got up early this morning and she struggled over what costume to wear to school. Snow White or Purple Fairy Princess. After much discussion about how cold it was and that she would have to wear a shirt under PFP costume, she decided to go with Snow White. <br />n<br />nNow the real stuggles began. What shoes to wear, what headband to wear. It seems she has several Red pairs of shoes and head dresses. I’m watching her and she’s taking such a long time that we are going to be late for P-School. <br />n<br />nSo, I have to tell her to hurry up. She’s gives some resistance as she normally does. Only today, I say… “It’s your Halloween Party and it doesn’t matter to me if you miss it. If you are not ready to leave by 8:15am (i show her what that looks like on the clock) you will miss the parade at school.”<br />n<br />nFinally she decides on the glittery Red Shoes w/ the Red Flowery Headband. Ah.. Snow White is ready! <br />n<br />nNOW!!! she doesn’t want to leave until ‘The Boys’ get here. She wants to show off her costume to the construction guys. It’s like they are family at this point. So… we wait, they arrive at 8:30am and we are free to leave for school.<br />n<br />nWe get ther just in time for snack and I have to hang out to see the Parade at 9:30am.. well after about 20 Mins she realizes I’m still there and says… “Mama, what are YOU still doing here?” (In a very sassy tone) Oh, Joy.. the teen age years are among us at 4. Part of me wants to laugh and the other part wants to flick her on the forehead.<br />n<br />nSo, the Parade begins and it’s just kaos. Parading 2-4 year olds is like hearding cats &amp; puppies.<br />nThey were all so cute.<br />n<br />nWell, RGJ sees that her friends brought ‘Fairy Wings’ to school for thier costumes and now wants Rob and I to go all the way home to get hers. Which brings us back to the big arguments from the morning. So, I tell her, “you made a choice to be Snow White, not the Purple Fairy Princes.. and Snow White doesn’t have wings.. and… I’m not going home to get your wings.” So, she ponders that for a few.. and says… ‘WhaT EveR” as she walks away. ARGH&*()_+<br />n<br />nah… I get to leave.. Fast forward to 3pm.. it’s now time to pick her up for our Halloween Festivites on our Block. We get home and she HAS to change her costume.. Guess what she picks.. PFP with out wings!!! I love my daughter.<br />n<br />nOk, so we had dinner with our neighbors and then hit the houses about 6:30pm. It all worked out just fine. We started with Elise, then she left as we picked up Isabella, Then she left a short while after we picked up Fiona and Kiera. <br />n<br />nRGJ was so excited she was running to each house. She did misjudge the curb and totally biffed it. Two scraped knees and candy all over the street.. She cried for a few mins. But she didn’t want to walk for a bit. Good thing we brought the Wagon.<br />n<br />nOnce we finally reached our ‘Camper’.. RGJ really wanted Fiona and Kiera to knock on the door so she could give them candy. TOO CUTE!!<br />n<br />nFinally.. it’s bed time. Happy Halloween<br />n<br />