Just got back from a 54 minute run on the Guadalupe Creek Trail, which runs right next to the office building I work in.<br />n<br />nHeading north, toward the airport, on the first 15 minutes or so, my legs were heavy and my breathing shallow. But at some point, I noticed that I was running at a bit of a quicker pace than normal, and my mile markers were confirming it. As I progressed, my breathing got easier and my body was performing pretty well.<br />n<br />nI took it all the way to the airport, up to the bridge which used to be Skyport Drive. If my navigation is correct, it should be just over a 10K distance.<br />n<br />nThere are two things to which I attribute today’s good: One, I ran a few 10K distances within the last week, with the goal of rarely running anything <em>less</em> that that. Two, I picked up from the library a copy of <a href=”http://www.powells.com/biblio/1-9780743251440-5″ title=”Chi Running at Powells”>Chi Running</a>, by Danny Dreyer. In this book, the author talks about different techniques, based on Tai Chi, that can be used to make your running more pleasant, or stronger, or faster, or really, whatever you want it to be. This isn’t a book review, so I won’t get into details. Click the link for an overview.<br />n<br />nOh, and let me not forget what really made this run memorable, for better or worse: Just north of Coleman Ave, there was some guy, maybe homeless, hard to tell, running out of one bush to behind another, butt naked. He had some clothes or cardboard or something he was using to hide his privates, but it was kinda weird to see that. He may have just taken a dunk in the creek and was moving over to his ‘locker room’ area to get dressed again. Dunno. But I’d rather not see that too often.<br />n<br />nNext up: Run this Thursday.