It’s been a while since I wrote something about the house progress. But today, there was something that was not a huge undertaking completed, but rather a tangible milestone that made the house just <em>feel</em> like it’s coming back together.<br />n<br />nGetting home from work today, I noticed one of the windows in the front bedroom was installed. Walking around the rest of the house, I counted five more windows that were in.<br />n<br />nThe other thing that was nice was that the exterior perimeter was nearly all wrapped in <a href=”” title=”tyvek webpage”>white Tyvek paper</a>.<br />n<br />nOver the next couple of days, the rest of the windows are going in, including the slider which was salvaged from the house before demolition, and the skylights will be framed in.<br />n<br />nAnd, pretty soon, PG&E should be out here to move the power from the house over to the blue room (the porta potty with a weatherhead, made especially for temp power at construction sites).