Earlier this week, we signed up with a cabinet guy. He’s got a shop not too far from the house.<br />n<br />nHe’ll be building the base and upper cabinets in the kitchen, the island with bookcases on each end, and upstairs, the vanity cabinet, the face frame and four doors of the linen closet, and finally the floor to ceiling bookshelf at the top of the stairs.<br />n<br />nWe got bids from three different cabinet guys, and it was amazing how close they all were in price. There were few variations, such as which sliders/rails that would be used, but all the other variables were the same, such as wood species, ply vs particle board, dovetail corners, etc.<br />n<br />nTentative date of installation is the third week of January. Good thing we got our appliances picked out, ordered and their delivery scheduled!