We got a good dousing overnight. It seemed to be a good, steady rain over the course of many hours.<br />n<br />nI walked through the house after it started to get light this morning, armed with a Mag Light and looking for leaks in the roof. What prompted me to do this was a pretty good sized leak that was evident right outside the dog food room. There is a big puddle on the tile floor, and some of the overhead lumber is wet.<br />n<br />nInside the dog food room, there was another, albeit smaller, leak, with a smaller puddle on the floor.<br />n<br />nThe third and final leak I found was in bedroom number two, close to the wall where the patio cover meets the house. Water was dripping down from the wall, hitting the bottom of what will be the window sill, and splashing onto the wood floor. It was pretty easy to spot.<br />n<br />nSince it was a good rain, I looked all around the house for more signs of leakage. But these were the only ones found. Mentioning it to the crew, they said they’ve been aware of them and have been monitoring them.<br />n<br />n<em>Seems it would have been more prudent to just get the roof completely on and finished, no?</em>