There was one surprise that I got from one of our contractors, and it came in the form of a comment he made some time later.<br />n<br />nWe were discussing some things that fell off the scope of work; in other words, there were some items to do or tasks to complete that we later decided we didn’t want done.<br />n<br />nWhen bringing them up with the contractor, he remarked that basically the contract locks in the bottom line price, and if the scope shrinks, the price will not adjust. However, it doesn’t work the same way in the other direction, which is plainly addressed in a section called Extras or Change Orders.<br />n<br />nOne piece of advice I’m giving to myself for the proverbial Next Time is that just as the contractor has a provision protecting him from taking on additional work, the client should have a section that protects them from paying for something that doesn’t get done.