Yesterday, we took a quick trip to a couple of tile and granite suppliers to check prices once again, now that we’re getting closer to needing them. We quickly realized we really need to sign up a fabricator (granite) and installer (tile).<br />n<br />nWe found a place we weren’t familiar with, an outfit called <a href=”” title=”Bay Stone Depot”>Bay Stone Depot</a>. We actually liked the people there, the selection, and prices much better than <a href=”” title=”Bedrosians”>Bedrosians</a>.<br />n<br />nSince we didn’t yet have the labor to go with the material we were looking at, we looked at the selection of business cards available at Bay Stone. The gal there pointed us to a few contractors she recommends.<br />n<br />nAfter we left there, we called four of them, leaving four messages. We started getting callbacks later in the day, setting up appointment times for the next day, a Saturday.<br />n<br />nSaturday (today) came, and we expected three tile installers to come by, one at nine, the next at noon, and the last at three. The first showed up at ten, the next showed up at 1:45, and the last showed up at half past four.<br />n<br />nAll. Three. Were. Late.<br />n<br />nI’m not sure how to judge that, but it meant out entire Saturday was spent waiting for these guys.