Earlier in the month, we requested and received three bids for the stairway. The items include the handrail, balusters, posts, false ends, etc.<br />n<br />nEarlier in the week, we decided on who to go with.<br />n<br />nToday, I went down to the shop of <a href=”http://www.simmonsstairways.com/” title=”Simmons Stairways”>Simmons Stairways</a>, signed the contract, paid the deposit, and got the ball rolling. About a two week lead time is what they say.<br />n<br />nThe stairway elements can be installed as soon as the walls are textured, but if we primer or even paint beforehand, that’s ok too. just no flooring yet.<br />n<br />nIt was amazing how close the bids were to each other. Two of them were literally less than one half of one percent different in price.