Has it been this long since I posted here? Sorry, been busy, but certainly thinking about it.<br />n<br />nYesterday was Presidents Day here in the USA, so many folks had the day off with businesses closed. Many contractors, however, didn’t seem to worry about taking the day off. We had our garage door installed, so we’re fully enclosed now.<br />n<br />nThe stairway guys should have shown up, especially since they called last week to confirm Monday, and even saying it’s a holiday and asking if that poses a problem (our response was, No, of course not!).<br />n<br />nStairs went in and they’re looking real nice. I think we did well picking the American Cherry. They’ll look even better when finished with polyurethane.<br />n<br />nThe one unforeseen item was that they had to install a bit of an ‘S’ turn in the middle run of the bottom leg of the stairs. Reason for that was because if the clearance the S turn provided wasn’t there, your knuckles would drag across the tread of a step on the upper leg of the staircase. I was worried, but it turned out looking nice.<br />n<br />nAll in all, we’re happy with the results.