Today was a big day which would forever alter the appearance of the interior of the house and start to give it a finished look and feel.<br />n<br />nAfter being about two weeks late, the kitchen cabinets finally arrived late yesterday, and installation began this morning, early. He was trying to beat the hardwood floor installers.<br />n<br />nSpeaking of the floor installers, they had been scheduled to start today, 10 March, for about a month now, and they showed up right on time. The boxes and boxes of eucalyptus 4 inch hardwood planks have been sitting in the front room acclimating to our environment for about two and a half weeks now. Today, the installers ripped them open and began installing them.<br />n<br />nWe weren’t quite sure what to expect since eucalyptus isn’t very common, and we were looking for a lighter species with a soft grain. Once most of the front room was installed, we could see that the grain was definitely soft, and the color was a soft blond with a shade of pink to it. The plans call for a clear coat finish, and judging by the results of the stairs, even the clear coat will bring out the grain and give it a nice finished look.<br />n<br />nThe floor matched the cabinets quite well. The cabinets, as with the stairs, are an American cherry wood, but they arrived already finished. Cherry has some interesting grain patterns, with soft lines and charismatic features here and there. The kitchen will be very handsome, indeed.<br />n<br />nCabinets need to be finished installed by end of Wednesday, when the granite guy is scheduled to show to do a template. Which also means the three-quarter CDX plywood sheet needs to be installed and cut to size and shape.