Over the last few days, I’ve been doing as much work from home as I can so I can be around to supervise all the subs and answer questions and solve problems quickly. There has been lots of Home Depot runs in there too.<br />n<br />nInterspersed throughout the day and into the evening, I’ve been doing work for my day job, and doing things on the house. There’s wiring the “low voltage” yet to complete (that’s the combined network, cable and phone system), the sheeting of the floor in the Old Master Bedroom, the granite plywood underlay that needs to be done and completed, and a whole array of other fun work.<br />n<br />nTo get all this done and still earn a paycheck, I’ve been working late into the evenings the last couple of weeks. After about 4 or 5PM, all the subs are gone so I get the house and surrounding area to myself. I can also play the audio book I borrowed from the library without annoying anyone.<br />n<br />nMy days are absolutely filled to capacity. It’s fun, but exhausting.