Gustavo confirmed yesterday that he’s on track with our two slabs for the kitchen, and thus is supposed to arrive today mid afternoon, to begin installation.<br />n<br />nWhen he was here measuring for the template, he said he didn’t think we needed any additional supports for the overhang since we placed a solid piece of three-quarter inch (1.9 cm) CDX plywood over the cabinet. A sheet of that plywood weighs in at over 60 pounds (27 kg), so it’s heavy enough, they say, to support a 1.9 cm thick sheet of rock.<br />n<br />nThis work will be done in time for the flooring guys to show up again tomorrow morning, first thing. They’ll start sanding and putting a first coat of polyurethane finish on it.<br />n<br />nTile guys are still upstairs today working on the bathroom some more.<br />n<br />nAnd our general is back today with his full crew. Last week, he agreed to fix the tile in the downstairs hallway bathroom, the section he had to rip out to accommodate the bigger header over the window. They’re also installing the garbage disposal, the wiring and switch for it, and some other odds and ends.<br />n<br />nLots of little problems popping up, that’s why I’ve been doing a record number of work at home days recently.