Yesterday, Saturday, I felt like some bug was coming on fast. I got as much work done as I could on the house, then broke late afternoon to visit with our next door neighbors. They hosted an egg hunt for our girl and their grand daughter.<br />n<br />nBy the time we left there, I was coming down with the serious chills, shaking and all. Got some food into me and straight to bed I went. Felt hot the entire night and I didn’t sleep well. All today my temperature was up (nearly 104F) and down (100.0F). No food except Popsicles and ice cream appealed. I also had a headache that felt as though it was hangover associated.<br />n<br />nHad no choice but to stay in bed and watch movies all day.<br />n<br />nGrandma came over mid afternoon to deliver an Easter basket for our girl. She woke me up in the process, but was good enough to fetch me a refill of water. Hadn’t been staying hydrated enough anyway.<br />n<br />nWhat a way to spend a beautiful Easter Sunday day. Felt like I got hit by a train.