There has been a long standing milestone in this construction project which was that when the carpet is getting installed, it’s the last thing that gets done, and you’re nearly there.<br />n<br />nIn most aspects, it’s true. Today, the carpeteers arrived and began installing carpet in all the locations which were designated, specifically, the upstairs master suite, the stairway, and the three downstairs bedrooms.<br />n<br />nIt’s not the <em>very </em>last thing that’s going in, though. There are still lots of little things that need to get done. Most are now on our general’s plate, and luckily not mine. I’ve been busy knocking my tasks off the list.<br />n<br />nFor example, the baseboards in the hardwood areas are going in today. The last of the electrical needs to be hooked up (oven hood, under cabinet lighting, upstairs furnace), the exterior paint needs to get done, nay, get started. The upstairs bathroom vanity top needs to be installed.<br />n<br />nLots of little things. But we do have a short term target of spending our first night in the house this coming Sunday. Exciting stuff. We <em><strong>are </strong></em>almost there!