Last night was our first night in the house again. It’s been somewhere near 8 months since we crashed there for the night.<br />n<br />nAll day Saturday, Mama was getting us ready for our first night. The bed sheets came off the bed in the camper and into the house, the queen bed came out of the container, including the mattress, box spring and headboard, and various other things to make our first night, and morning, as normal as can be.<br />n<br />nWe’re still walking on hardwood that’s not 100% cured yet, so we can’t move furniture into any of the downstairs common areas yet. That also means that the fridge and dishwasher need to wait til Wednesday to get installed.<br />n<br />nHowever, speaking of appliances, I do have the gas cooktop, wall oven and microwave installed and working. The hood over the cooktop is in place and working too, but the sheet metal guy still needs to connect the vent. Right now, it’s just blowing into the cabinet space above the cooktop.<br />n<br />nAfter we woke up this morning, I took a long shower in the new bathroom upstairs. Compared to the camper, and even the tub/showers in the rest of the house, there is so much room in there that it feels absolutely decadent! The tile work was very well done, and though we’re foregoing a glass shower door for a vinyl shower curtain for now (to save a couple pennies), it’s still a huge improvement over what we’ve been enduring.