Earlier this week, we were on a mission to get the storage container emptied out and cleaned up.<br />n<br />nAfter dinner this past Wednesday, I went out to the container to finish removing the last couple of things that were in there. We did a pretty good job of clearing it out the prior weekend, so there wasn’t much, just a few boxes and miscellaneous items like Thule racks and such. Pretty easy.<br />n<br />nAfter I got it all emptied, mostly into the garage which is just now even MORE full, I gave it a good sweep. Not that it really got dirty in there, but it was mostly a lot of dust that coalesced into a thin layer of dirt on the wood floor over the course of the last nine months.<br />n<br />nWe were expecting the truck to show up some time today to load up the empty metal box and haul it away. But in the morning, after we got tired of waiting, we gave a call to the company to see if there was a timeframe in which we could expect them. Between noon and two, came the answer.<br />n<br />nJust minutes before two, the truck showed up, the driver hitched it up and away it went, looking quite small on the back of the flatbed equipped with rails.<br />n<br />nNow with both the blue room (the porta-potty) and the container gone, there is very visible progress that we are nearing the end.