I came across <a href=”http://www.utne.com/2008-02-20/Science-Technology/Creationist-Diorama-Rama.aspx” title=”link”>this entry</a> in the Utne Blogs. (Disclaimer: I’ve never before now heard of Utne or know what it’s all about.)<br />n<br />nThe thing that caught my eye was where the blog author says “The problem was that much of the science was backwards. In good science, you start with a piece of evidence and try to find a truth. With creationist science, you start with a truth (the Bible), and try to find the evidence.”<br />n<br />nIsn’t homeschooling similar to what the polygamist sect in Texas was doing? Specifically, they found a place of extreme isolation, rounded up all their people, took them there, and kept them away from anyone else on the “outside” who may plant a seed of doubt or skepticism in their minds.<br />n<br />nThat’s kinda scary, and not exactly what I’d call providing a real education.