Last Friday, a week ago, I was in the small storage room in the back of the garage finishing up the wiring of RJ45 jacks for our home network. I was well out of the way, out of eye sight, but well within earshot of the kitchen.<br />n<br />nMy ears picked up the distinctive voice of our cabinet guy. Great, I thought. He was due to come by this week, to “wrap things up” as he put it, and install the shelves and doors of our kitchen cabinets. We’ve been… waiting… for that.<br />n<br />nHe spoke to my wife for several minutes about things that I couldn’t make out. My assumption was he was working out the logistics of starting the work. But soon, I heard unmistakable signs of his leaving, and I wondered, WTF?<br />n<br />nThe report I received later was that he ran behind, and he would be back Tuesday, or Thursday for sure, to continue. That’s another week. After the extra week he already took.<br />n<br />nToday, we’re past the point of when he was to have returned. And he hasn’t. Even called to tell us what’s up.<br />n<br />nPatience is thinning.