There was a lot of back and forth today, lots of phone calls asking to confirm something, to touch base, make sure that we’re all on the same page.<br />n<br />nIt was getting a bit annoying after a while. Some stuff, because I was busy at work, had to wait. And when I followed up on them a couple hours later, had resolved themselves.<br />n<br />nWhen I got home from work late afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised that a LOT got done, just in this one day. Window screens were installed, gaps in the data closet ceiling were sealed with fire caulk, the last bit of paint touch up was done, gaps in the foundation I pointed out a day earlier were sealed, electrical problems were solved, and so forth. All this in ONE day. Truly amazing!<br />n<br />nWhat I attribute this to is the fact that our general contractor, the General himself, the jefe, came out to our job site about 5 times throughout the day. He’s been out briefly only once a week for the past two months.<br />n<br />nShows what can get accomplished with a bit of focus.<br />n<br />nBut now what motivated the General to come over? Well, he’d been asking if we could give him half of the final payment. So I made an arrangement that once the paint was done to our satisfaction, we would do it. I believe that today, after many, many weeks of slow going with the paint job, it’s finally done.<br />