The building department inspector dropped by today for our second attempt at getting our final inspection. This time, it wasn’t our regular inspector, so that would be a cause for some worry.<br />n<br />nTurns out, things went pretty well, as much as it always does. He signed off on all seven of the items our regular inspector noted during our Final v1.0. But he also left us with about 7 new things to address. These new items were things like caulking around the exterior lighting and building up a step outside our side/back door.<br />n<br />nBefore the end of the work day, our regular worker guy was able to take care of all of them but one, where and how to post the house numbers on the house itself. Previously, the numbers were arranged vertically on a fence post. Seems the new rules require the numbers to be on the house itself.<br />n<br />nWe reused the same numbers and he fixed the plates onto a scrap piece of pre-primed outdoor trim wood. I had to come home to see how it looked and decide where it was to be mounted, which will be vertically on a post that’s now part of the house.<br />n<br />nThe next inspection is already scheduled. The 3PM window to order a follow up for the next day was missed, so we’re now for another try this coming Thursday, 15 May.