On Sunday, I got a series of calls from some guy named Victor. He was from Watsonville and interested in the camper I’ve had advertised on CL for many weeks now.<br />n<br />nHis issue, as seems to be the typical case lately, was that he only had a certain amount of cash and if I’d take that amount. What I really don’t like doing is starting the selling process with price haggling. I mean, the buyer hasn’t even seen the unit yet!<br />n<br />nHis offer was a bit below what I had in mind, so I made him work on getting a few more dollars together. He called back and said he couldn’t, and if I’d reconsider. Nope; there’s still a lot of interest, so if he wanted it, he’d have to work harder. He called back again, later in the evening and said he was able to secure the funds.<br />n<br />nHe came by yesterday after work with his buddy who was more familiar with campers than he was. They both checked it out and were satisfied and wanted to do the deal and be out of here.<br />n<br />nSo we did. And the camper is now gone and we regained a lot of our driveway back. It’s kinda weird how quickly it happened. But this was part of the overall plan, so it’s not like it wasn’t expected or wanted, and it’s not like we really grew attached to our temporary housing.<br />n<br />nI just hope he packs those wheel bearings before pulling it all the way down to Lake San Antonio.