We had a false alarm late afternoon last Thursday. Cramping, contractions were happening, and frequently, too. We packed up, took care of the daughter, and went into the hospital per the doctor’s orders.<br />n<br />nAfter a few hours there, we were told that the baby wasn’t ready to be born yet, so we were sent home. And so we waited all weekend for him to show himself, but to no avail.<br />n<br />nTuesday, tomorrow, is the final due date. He cannot be more than one week late or else he gets too big, causing problems for mama.<br />n<br />nThe doctor this morning said to report to the L&D department at 6AM tomorrow. Yikes, that’s early, but that means there’s a good chance he’ll show up during the day and we won’t need to go through sleepless nights laboring.<br />n<br />nI’m just finishing up some work stuff, wrapping up some loose ends before I disappear for a few days, only to resurface, lurk, really, late in the week.<br />n<br />nIt’s starting to become a bit more for real now. Looking forward to meeting my son!