Our girl and I spent the night at home last night, and due to a scary dream about fire breathing dragons acting as attendants of scary roller coasters, she spent the night in mama’s spot.<br />n<br />nWe went to bed late, so we woke up late. I made a pancake breakfast, which is normally mama’s game, and it was very well received. After cleaning up the house a bit, we got dressed and left for the hospital.<br />n<br />nMama was a bit tired, spending a long night with a wide awake baby. But in general, she was in good spirits, happy to see her first born.<br />n<br />nAfter a check up from mama’s primary doctor, we got the green light to take off. We had the boy’s car seat with us, so we saddled him up and were off.<br />n<br />nOnce we got home, we changed his paper pants (read: diaper) again and set him up in his new-to-us swing. His big sister commenced reading to him, check it out.<br />n<br />n<!– s9ymdb:22 –><img width=’220′ height=’165′ style=”border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;” src=”https://www.jaworskihouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/reading_in_the_swing.serendipityThumb.jpg” alt=”” /><br />n<br />nWe’re glad to have him home!