For the past 3 weeks Penny has been showing signs of stress. Week 1 went pretty well, the baby slept a lot so I was rested.. then the doctor said we had to do extra things to deal with the jaundice and weight loss. Thats when I started getting really tired and sleep deprived. Penny was out of preschool and stuck at home with a tired, impatient mother.. Let the games begin.<br />n<br />nPoor kid started having accidents galore and she fought me on every issue. If I said up, she said down, and so it went. I mentioned to DH that she was having trouble with the new baby. He said he didn’t think so. He felt she was flexing her new 5 year old muscles.<br />n<br />nWell, we went to a Sibling Class at the hospital and they showed a video designed to teach the older child how to verbalize their feelings. <br />n<br />nThe next day, she told her dad.. “I think you love the baby more than me”.. then she said over the course of the next few days to Harold “you don’t share mommy very well” and “you are very rude to always be interrupting”.<br />n<br />nNow he believes me. So, we’ve been working very hard to keep her spirits up and I always thank the baby for being quiet so Penny and I could finish what ever it was we were doing. I think we are making progress. We’ll see.<br />