Over the past week or more, I’ve been cleaning up and preparing the less desirable, yet still good, real estate in the garden, including the two raised beds. I’ve used a good amount of the compost, and boy, does it look good. It’s dark and has a very earthy, organic material smell about it. You can easily see strings of egg shells here and there, but they easily break down and aren’t an issue at all. My goal with these areas is to plant fall crops, so here we go.<br />n<br />nOver this weekend, I planted <a href=”http://www.reneesgarden.com/seeds/packpg/veg/beet-baby.htm” title=”beets from renees garden”>beets</a> and <a href=”http://www.reneesgarden.com/seeds/packpg/veg/broccoli-allseason.htm” title=”broccoli from renees garden”>broccoli</a> from seed.<br />n<br />nThe seeds for the beets were very rough; think of a crinkled up ball of paper. I got a good row and a half with a good amount still left over.<br />n<br />nThe broccoli seeds were really small and I was finally able to plant them at the end of the day, as dusk was approaching and the daylight was waning. I got four rows in, just scattering them into the rows the best I could, and I just used up the entire packet.<br />n<br />nBoth have a time-to-harvest of about two months, so we’ll check back here in October!