The boy has an interesting crying style. I really need to record it. Maybe this is a sell-able excuse to buy a digital voice recorder!<br />n<br />nTo describe one technique, his cries begin at a low level, a bit of a quiet whine or squeak. Then it accelerates, gaining both amplitude and frequency. During this acceleration phase, you know something is happening and we usually say, He’s gonna blow! Without fail, he does quickly reach his full volume and now the neighbors lovingly are reminded that we have an infant in the house.<br />n<br />nA different, but I’m sure related, technique of his crying is when he’s doing the familiar Waa Waa. But his doesn’t sound like a Waa. It’s more of a Laah… Lahh. The L sound is subtle, yet distinct.<br />n<br />nGotta get me a recorder, then post an mp3 version of it here.