It’s been on my mind for what, a couple of years now? I have a couple of old win-tel computers that I don’t use, are really old, and need to be discarded.<br />n<br />nOne of them is a Pentium 1 machine running, on turbo mode, at 133MHz and has 32MB of RAM with a whopping 1GB hard disk. It has two hard disks, one running Win95 and the other an old release of RH Linux in a dual boot config. This machine has the old keyboard connector that’s huge and round (pre-PS2), and requires a serial mouse. That’s right, no USB.<br />n<br />nI had to dig around pretty deep in boxes to find a serial mouse, but I was able to connect the machine to the flat screen LCD monitor I just picked up from CL. It took forever to boot, but it still chugged along, despite living outside in the back yard, under a blue tarp, throughout the entire winter last year.<br />n<br />nI verified there weren’t any files I needed from this machine, then with a couple of small hiccups, booted it again using a floppy with <a href=”” title=”Darik’s Boot and Nuke”>Darik’s Boot and Nuke</a>, and proceeded to wipe the drives spic and span. That process took just about 9 hours for two hard disks, one 1GB and the other 2GB. That machine is ready for the recycler.<br />n<br />nThe second machine is a bit newer and came from Rita’s brother who ‘donated’ it to us. It is a dual Pentium 200MHz with 167MB of memory and a 2GB drive. It’s running Win2K server with SCSI drives. Rita still needs to clean her files from this machine, but I plan to do the same with this one, Boot and Nuke it. I fired it up last night, and it had some problems with the display, but it eventually fixed itself.<br />n<br />nIt runs pretty loudly, with a high pitched whining noise coming from the hard drives, and it also runs really hot. It shut itself down while I was browsing the file system, and touching the top of the case showing it was pretty warm. I tried restarting it, but it wouldn’t go. After about 10 minutes, it would start to boot, but I was done with it for the night.<br />n<br />nHope to get this machine cleaned up this weekend and take them down to the recycling center earlier next week. I saw that they take motherboards now too, and I’m hoping they’ll take the entire machine, case and all.<br />n<br />nThis is just one step of assembling my office room, the storage room in the back of the gargage, up til now called the Dog Food Room. Next is emptying the room, installing panels to cover old wall paper, and paint.