Since the remodel happened, I’ve been displaced. I used to have a room dedicated to being my office room, but now that we have a new occupant in the house, and the two smaller ones need their own playroom, there’s no more room for my thinking space.<br />n<br />nThere is a storage room in the back of the garage that a former owner installed by simply building a wall around a corner of the garage. This 8 foot 2 inch (2.49m) by 5 foot 6 inch (1.68m) space has a window and a door, and has been known as the Dog Food Room. This is, obviously, where we kept the dog food as well as storage racks for sporting and other gear.<br />n<br />nThe previous owner had used this room as his office, and now it’s my turn. This past week, I moved all the stuff out of the room and into the garage so I could finish work on it.<br />n<br />nOne wall had old, inappropriate wallpaper that needed to come down. Taking it down, though, was a mind numbing mess, so we had the bright idea of installing one-eighth inch (3.18mm) -thick wood paneling over it. Turns out, this panelling isn’t easy to install in large sheets since it’s really difficult to get the warpiness out of them. I am no professional! But the three panels, cut to size and worked so as to provide for the electrical switches and boxes, went in and there they will stay until the day comes when I get back to this room, and pull the sheet rock out like I should have done to begin with.<br />n<br />nThe other walls, and ceiling, had fresh sheet rock and were all primered already. So I picked a brown color paint, from the gallons and gallons of leftovers we are, for some reason, hanging on to, and painted the walls and ceiling.<br />n<br />nAlso, before I forget, I also installed some leftover baseboard to all the wall segments. Got it, may as well use it.<br />n<br />nThis should be all the work the room needs, other than a window covering, like blinds. That means I should be able to start moving back in again this week, including the computer(s), monitors, etc. Cool! I can move my temp office out of the bedroom!