It was a productive day yesterday.<br />n<br />nGot up early enough so that I got a good 40 minute run in. Took off from home, rather than driving to the trail head, and crossed the freeway, down the street to Penny’s new school where she starts this coming Monday, past the hospital, back across the freeway, past the park where amateur astronomy is done, and back home. It was refreshing and energizing.<br />n<br />nI then got started on working on the Dog Food Room, which will soon be my new “office”. I need to install baseboards, wall panels and paint, then start moving stuff back in and configuring this to take advantage of the small space as efficiently as possible.<br />n<br />nI got as far as I was going to go for the day on that project, so I stopped and I cleaned up a bit. I then readied things to go out observing. Packed up the scope, table, camp chair, charts, etc and took off for Coyote Lake County Park. The <a href=”” title=”SJAA”>SJAA</a> was having one of their summer public star parties that night, and so you get a lot of campers coming through with their kids, looking at eye candy with the typical astonished reactions. I forgot to bring an observing chair, but other than that, it was a good night, logging five <a href=”” title=”messier objects”>M objects</a>.<br />n<br />nGot home and was in bed by 1AM, not too terribly tired, despite getting up really early and staying busy all day. Let’s have more days like this!