The little girl, who just turned five and is well into kindergarten, has met the requirements and we’re now eligible to join up with the YMCA’s Adventure Guides.<br />n<br />nI got a call from the coordinator of the local group, or tribe, I think it’s called, inviting us to come to the next meeting. In fact, tonight is the first meeting of the new season. The meeting will be at his house starting at 7:30PM. He’s just a couple blocks away, definitely within walking distance, for both of us.<br />n<br />nI read up about it on the <a href=”” title=”YMCA Adventure Guides”>Adventure Guides program’s website</a>. It’s mainly a way to foster deeper relationships between parent and child, in our case, it’s a father daughter thing. It all looks good, but the C in the YMCA makes me a bit wary that this is some kind of fundamentalist religious organization hell bent on converting us to some dogmatic thought process. But I don’t believe it will be that way. As long as that kinda stuff doesn’t come up, I’m still in.<br />n<br />nWhat I’m really looking foward to is meeting some new people in a new set of circumstances. I see that as a spice of life that always keeps things interesting. I’m also looking forward to spending time with my daughter, just the two of us, away temporarily from the rest of our family. We don’t get a lot of that, especially since, or even though, there is a new baby in the house.<br />n<br />nSome of the activities they mention on the website, which were also mentioned by the host, make me a bit nervous, such as performing skits. But the nervousness is usually overblown, or unwarranted, as the situation you’re nervous about turns out to be a much less of a big deal.<br />n<br />nOn the other hand, there are activities I’d look more than forward to, like the camping trips. I feel like I’ll be a huge pusher of the overnight trips to the woods. Hope others are up for it too!<br />n<br />nI’ll report back soon, after the meeting, to share my thoughts on how it went and if it will suit both my daughter and me.