Seems I’ve been away from this medium for some time. The household has had a shared cold this past week, while I’ve been busy at work.<br />n<br />nThis morning, I wanted to make breakfast for the family, one of my favorites from my college days, Huevos Rancheros. Thought I’d have to make an early morning run to the store for ingredients, but a pleasant surprise was that we had it all here, including some fresh picked red bell peppers from the garden. Penny wouldn’t stand for the mix of all these ingredients, so she was satisfied with a single slice of formerly frozen French Toast.<br />n<br />nI decided to get a bit adventurous today with the recipe, and so substituted corn for flour tortillas. I also put one Fresno chili pepper into the mix of sauteed onions and bell peppers, but I couldn’t even sense the heat whatsoever, and neither could Rita.<br />n<br />nRita was set up first, with a cloth placemat to protect the table top from the heat of the plate fresh from the broiler, knife and fork in proper position, glass of water and the front section of the paper. She really appreciated that level of detail, not to mention the obvious, breakfast served to her in the first place!<br />n<br />nMy plate had some fresh salsa I bought two days ago rather than the jar stuff. Those were the main differences from how I normally make huevos. Not sure if it was because I was really hungry, or if the corn tortillas made a huge difference, but this time, it tasted better than it usually does. Maybe I’ll go corn from now on.<br />n<br />nAfterward, I took the time to clean up the kitchen well, since whenever I make Huevos, I make an accompanying huge mess. All it all, it all worked out great. Great and tasty!