This was way too late, but I finally did it. I opened a 529 plan for Penny.<br />n<br />nWhat got me motivated, finally, to do this now? Two things, really. One, the market is so down, it’s on sale like never before. Now is the time to snap up some deals. Two, I had a To-Do item on my list for the past 4 years to visit and spend some time with the website <a href=”” title=”saving for”></a>. I needed to start using the online to-do list again, and saw that the action item was still there. So I spent some quality time with the website, got informed, and decided that <a href=”” title=”Michigan Education Savings Plan”>Michigan’s plan</a> is the one for me.<br />n<br />nTonight, I went back to their site, filled out the application and before I knew it, I had an account. Almost too easy.<br />n<br />nNow the hard part, how much can I afford each month…?