It’s been three or four years now since I bought a new pair of running shoes. I take care of these things. They only get used for running, never for just hanging out in, wearing to work, or anything. I’m pretty strict about that. That’s why they’re able to last so long and take good care of my feet, ankles and knees.<br />n<br />nMy neighbor Kevin, a long distance runner and century cyclist, has been telling me of a place near here in Campbell called Running Revolution. Says they specialize in running and they know their stuff. So I went over there.<br />n<br />nI just got done with a run on the LGCT, did a full 6.2, and was feeling pretty good on this late Saturday afternoon. Surprised this specialty store, located in a strip mall behind a video store, was still open, I went in. First thing, the guy, who seemed to be about my age, maybe add a year or three, looked at my shoes and knew them right away. Said they were a few years old and they didn’t make these Asics anymore, but there is an improved (read: changed) version of them. <br />n<br />nI related to him that these shoes seemed to be ok, but about a year ago they started to feel a bit flat, like the cushioning was worn. At that time, I ended up picking up a pair of inserts that seemed to help. But now, even they seem like they’ve been pounded on too much.<br />n<br />nHe brought out a few different shoes from various makers, including Brooks, Nike and Adidas. This store lets you go for a test run on the sidewalk outside the store. Very cool, especially since I was still very much warmed up from my run. I took a bit of liberty, though, and steered myself over to the real sidewalk next to the side street, where I’d get a much longer run without the possibility of pedestrians popping out of adjacent shops. Collisions are no good.<br />n<br />nI ended up with a pair of <a href=”” title=”brooks running”>Brooks</a>; the tongue says “<a href=”″ title=”the beast”>The Beast</a>” on it. Just noticed that tonight! They were overpriced, as I expected, especially given the fact they were Made in China’s. So far, I’ve been on two runs with them, logging a total of about 10.5 miles, with today’s 6 miles being the longest. They feel nice and cushy and they’re not bunching up my toes so far. All in all, I’m happy with them.<br />n<br />nI also want to use this post as a log on how many miles I put on these shoes. No telling how this good intention will last, but I’ve started it, so let’s get these two runs down, below. I’ll add more here as time goes on. I don’t expect people to track this with me, but it’s up to you. The only difference is that there will be new dates at the top (sorted in reverse chronological order) and the total will be updated.<br />n<br />n:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::<br />nTotal: 118.5<br />n————-<br />n14 Sept: 5<br />n11 Sept: 4.5<br />n10 Sept: 4<br />n09 Sept: 4<br />n03 Sept: 4<br />n12 Aug: 2.5<br />n03 Aug: 3.5<br />n02 Aug: 2.5<br />n30 July: 3.0<br />n24 June: 3.0<br />n16 May: 4<br />n11 May 2009: 3.5<br />n09 Dec: 6.2<br />n06 Dec: 5.0<br />n02 Dec: 6.2<br />n30 Nov: 5.0<br />n28 Nov: 6.2<br />n25 Nov: 6.2<br />n23 Nov: 6.2<br />n18 Nov: 4.5<br />n16 Nov: 4<br />n14 Nov: 5<br />n27 Oct: 5<br />n24 Oct: 6<br />n21 Oct: 6<br />n19 Oct 2008: 4.5