I had a cold over the weekend. It started coming on late Thursday, and Friday it just continued to build. It didn’t really affect our Halloween activities luckily, and I attribute that to lots of cups of <a href=”http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/?id=28&pid=78″ title=”echinacea tea”>Echinacea tea</a>.<br />n<br />nI’m typically not a true believer in herbal remedies and such, but this really did seem to work for me over the weekend. I kept going with it strong all day during our rainy Saturday. Though Saturday was the worse day for my cold, with a bit of ache in the bones and slight headache now and again, it never developed into a full blown cold.<br />n<br />nSunday, I kept the tea going strong as well, and the cold was already on its way out. Monday, I’m feeling much better, but I need to rid myself of it fully in preparation for the camping trip this weekend!